You take pride in your business and the first thing people notice is your parking lot. A clean good looking lot is your first impression and it welcomes your customer to your establishment.
Nothing is more discouraging or dangerous to potential customers than loose debris or broken glass on your parking lot. Regular maintenance such as power sweeping to remove sand and debris will not only extend the life of painted lines, it can also reduce accidents and potential insurance claims due to an unmaintained property.

At Vosper’s Sweeping & Line Painting we thoroughly clean corners, sidewalk and entryways, removing sand & debris from your lot, projecting a professional image.
A clean lot will ensure a good adhesion of paint to pavement and help to slow the wear & tear on your lot markings & asphalt.

We provide on-demand power sweeping as well as worry-free parking lot maintenance packages that include regular sweeping and seasonal re-painting. Let us take the worry out of your parking lot maintenance routine and ensure nothing gets in the way of your customers.

Our well maintained equipment provides professional results ideal for either big or small jobs.

At Vosper’s Sweeping & Line Painting we perform our services at your convenience and by using the best quality of paint available.

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